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Public Policy Student Forms

General Petitions:

These petitions are specifically for students majoring or minoring in Public Policy.

Updates to Degree Requirements:
  • Exception to Major or Breadth Requirement

    This petition is used to request an exception to a major or breadth requirement. For example, use this form to request to use a course towards Public Policy upper division tracks that has not been previously approved. This form is NOT to update your degree audit.

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  • Request an Update to your Degree Audit

    Complete this petition to request an update your degree audit. For example, if you need to apply an approved course to your PBPL tracks or to apply STAT 040 to your Statistics or Theory and Methodology of Political Science.

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  • Complete Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit

    Complete this petition to request the use of a graduate level course units towards your undergraduate unit total. You must already be approved to enroll in the graduate level course by receiving graduate course instructor and department authorization. This petition is not to request to enroll in the graduate level course.

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  • Catalog Year Change Request

    This form is for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 transfer students seeking to change their catalog year requirements from 2023-2024 to 2022-2023.


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Letter Requests:
  • Request Letter of Degree Certification

    A letter of degree certification states that the degree conferral is in progress and pending final approval from the Registrar’s Office. A letter will not be written unless your application has been approved by your academic advisor. Please note that degree conferral is contingent on successfully completing ALL the work in progress to meet degree requirements. A letter of certification that your degree conferral is in progress will not be issued if the degree has already been posted to the official UC Riverside transcript. If your degree has already been conferred, you may order a transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

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Change of Major/Minor Petitions:

Registrar's Office

  • Graduation

    Please visit the Registrar’s “Guide to Graduation” for details on the graduation application, deadlines, and diploma information. The SPP does not require a secondary graduation application; the only graduation application required is the one available via your Rweb and is managed by the Registrar’s office.

    Please visit the Commencement office website for details on the graduation ceremony.

  • Readmission

    This form is used to apply for readmission into the School of Public Policy. Students who withdrew or were dismissed from the University should schedule an appointment with the SPP academic advisor to obtain details on readmission requirements specific to the student's situation. The School of Public Policy strictly adheres to readmission deadlines posted on Registrar’s website please plan accordingly when scheduling an appointment with SPP academic advisors.

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  • Withdrawal

    This form is used to withdraw from the university.

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  • Part Time Status

    Details on part time study and petition.

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Enrollment Adjustments

  • Rweb

    You can add, drop or change classes in R’Web until the end of the add/drop period (through Friday of Week 2).

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  • Enrollment Adjustment Form

    After the add/drop period, all changes must be made with an online Enrollment Adjustment Form. Undergraduate students can access the form beginning Wednesday of week two. There is a $4 fee after the Friday of week three.

    Details/Instructions for the Enrollment Adjustment Form can be found here.

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  • Petition for Late Changes

    The changes listed below will require the completion of the Late or Retroactive Changes Petition:
         - Add or change a class after week three
         - Withdraw from a class after week six
         - Change your grading basis after week eight
         - Change variable units after week eight

    The form must be completed with all required signatures and supporting documentation and submitted to Sproul 1223.

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